Spring 2017 Job Search Prep

It is highly recommended that students attend all of our career boot camps; these sessions not only build up résumés but also confidence. Boot camps are held throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

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Boot Camp I

Accomplishment identification and positioning – you can’t write an effective résumé without knowing what you have to market and how to present this information. This workshop will help you identify your accomplishments in PARS (problem/action/result statements) that demonstrate the skills, experience, and personal traits you will bring to your next employer, and articulate your professional role. This workshop lays the foundation for an effective job search. This is not a résumé construction workshop, but you need to attend it in order to go to Boot Camp II.

Boot Camp II

Résumé components and strategic formatting, plus info on references and templates for job search correspondence. This workshop addresses the strategic use of résumé formats and the writing of essential components: positioning statements, scope and magnitude statements, and accomplishment statements. It covers reference selection includes a handout on job search correspondence and writing samples. It assumes that you have completed Boot Camp I, and prepared with 10-20 polished accomplishment statements, and a 90-second oral introduction.

Boot Camp III

A full-day, 7 hour, workshop which includes writing your ideal job profile and receiving faculty/ alumni/ practitioner critiques of your “introductory statement.” You will prepare to develop a self-marketing plan, network for referrals, undertake informational interviews, answer interview questions, and evaluate and negotiate job offers.