Services for Students & Alumni

The Milano Career Services provides a full array of individualized career services and personal attention to students and alumni of its degree programs.

Individual advisement on career direction and preparation is designed to work with you to make informed, thoughtful decisions about your career direction and job/internship choice. Career Services staff will work with you to ensure you are considering all sides of a decision, and provide a sounding board for your questions, all in confidence. Such a highly personalized level of service will increase your level of confidence in the career decisions you alone will make.

This level of preparation and execution helps you to create more opportunities to choose from vs. using passive or less sophisticated job search methods, enabling you to fulfill your professional goals of career advancement and professional contribution to your field of endeavor throughout your career.

The Career Development office also provides you with intensive experiential workshops such as resume “bootcamps”, recorded practice interviews, networking events, employer information sessions and career fairs.