Recent Graduate Employment

Milano students and alumni serve around the world in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, in local, national, and international organizations, in banking and public and private financial services. They serve emerging markets and under-served constituencies. Finding fulfilling careers in all three sectors,  many begin working in one sector and move to another or work in organizations that build strategic alliances and partnerships across sectors. Milano degrees prepare graduates to succeed in many professions, rather than being limited to narrow expertise. At graduation, every student has a professional portfolio and highly developed analytical and managerial skills in his or her field of study.

*The following is based on reported data from the graduating class of 2015. 

Preliminary Employment Outcomes for the Class of 2015 as of 4/21/16
Program Percent Employed
Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management 100.00%
International Affairs 80.41%
Nonprofit Management 73.53%
Organizational Change Management 100.00%
Urban Policy Analysis and Management
Public and Urban Policy 100.00%
Total 84.30%

Here are some selected positions acquired by our graduates in 2015 :

Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management

  • Environmental Program Coordinator, Cape Henlopen State Park, DE
  • NYC Organics Collection Outreach Associate, NYC Dept. of Sanitation
  • Sustainability Project Manager, Greenworks, Orlando
  • Corporate Sustainability Coordinator, Sims Metal Management Ltd.

International Affairs

  • Program Manager, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
  • Community Development Consultant, Carto DB
  • Associate, Corporate Partnerships, Youth Inc NYC
  • Associate, Global Development Incubator
  • Partnerships Officer, World Food Programme
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Guzman & Co, Miami
  • Data Analyst, International Planned Parenthood
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Director, Marketing and Communications, African People and Wildlife Foundation
  • Program Associate, Elmezzi Foundation
  • Human Rights Trustee Fellow, World of Learning
  • Accenture Development Partner

Nonprofit Management

  • Program Manager, Dos Pueblos
  • Director of Operations, Citizens of the World Charter School
  • Junior Resource Mobilization Officer, UN Women
  • Program Coordinator, LEGO Foundation, Zurich

Urban Policy Analysis and Management

  • Research Associate, Citizens Budget Commission
  • Legislative District Media and Communications, NYS Assembly
  • Communications Liaison, NYC Administration for Children’s Services
  • Government Relations and Advocacy Manager, Children’s Aid Society
  • Director Development and Communications, Center for Comprehensive Health Practice
  • Education Analyst, NYC Dept. of Education
  • Strategic Advisor, Office of the Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Corrections
  • Policy Analyst, Supportive Housing Network
  • Senior Housing Fellow, Enterprise Community, Los Angeles
  • Project Manager, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
  • Associate Resource Development Strategic Planner, CDC of Brownsville, TX

Public and Urban Policy

  • Professor, Monroe College
  • Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany
  • Senior Policy Advisor, Learning Policy Institute