Career Fairs

Milano’s Office of Career Development and Placement creates opportunities for students to meet prospective employers through a variety of venues.

Career fairs are held throughout the academic year focused on student interests. The annual Careers with a Conscience fair invites socially responsible businesses and nonprofit organizations to recruit students from across the University for internships and jobs. Milano hosts and co-sponsors with six area universities an annual career fair for human resources and organizational development students and alumni. Milano also co-sponsors an annual government job fair with area public policy graduate schools and participates in a multi-school nonprofit job fair, events that increase the visibility of Milano to employers, and your exposure to a range of organizations.

Additional introductions to prospective employers occur through alumni panels and networking events, professional interest group events on-campus, and on-campus informational sessions with hiring organizations, government agencies, and the New York State Public Management Institute Fellows program.

School faculty and staff are engaged with leaders, not just recruiters, in organizations around New York City on an ongoing basis, year round. Through these opportunities as well as Milano’s public programming events, you have a chance in an informal setting to meet leaders and build relationships that lead to internships, projects, employment, and future professional colleagues.